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The world of web has turned into an almost parallel universe, owing to the internet revolution. Most marketers today, want to leverage the online medium to their advantage and gain a firm footing in the online world. Internet marketing has become a buzz word, especially for small and medium enterprises, who do not wish to splurge on expensive outdoor marketing campaigns. Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign is one the internet advertising tools, which is getting increasingly popular owing to its instant results and wide spread reach. Pay per click is a form of digital marketing, where a business pays to appear high on the search engine results page, also known as SERPs. One of the biggest advantages of PPC is that one needs to pay only for the clicks that come on the ads. Therefore, it has become very popular way of advertising and it is considered to be the most beneficial and effective as well.

What Pay Per Click Does to your business?

  • Greater Return on Investment (ROI) on the money spent
  • Faster results
  • Increased control over the target audience
  • Data gathering
  • Brand visibility on various search engines

An efficiently run PPC campaign can get a business website almost instant traffic. Since, the enterprise pays only for every click on the website; most content sites charge a fixed fee for every click. The ads are shown on search engine result pages with relevant content that choose to show the advertisements. In addition, PPC campaigns usually provide enterprises with better results and unlike with the case of organic listings, one can ascertain how high the listing appears. The greater the ad position, the more is the likelihood of your website getting more traffic, which leads to more conversions. Pay per click advertising is based on the affiliate model and provides purchase opportunity to the enterprise at every stage. For a campaign to be successful, keyword analysis is also of utmost importance. It is important to identify which keywords have the potential to bring you highly-targeted traffic.

Features of an effective Pay Per Click campaign:

  • Keyword list development
  • Keyword analysis
  • Research and planning
  • Appropriate timing and testing
  • Careful creation of landing page

If a PPC campaign fails to get traffic to your website, you incur no losses as you pay for every single visitor. Hence, it is very cost effective and result driven internet marketing strategy, leading to increased competition among PPC managers. A good PPC manager will ensure a higher return on investment for the money put in by the enterprise. Further, PPC also allows an enterprise to set daily budgets for an ongoing campaign and even edit the bids on a per-keyword basis, making it a very versatile online advertising strategy for those who are looking forward to booking an online spot in front of the potential customers.

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