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Cake PHP is an open source framework that is totally based on MVC architecture and PHP scripting language. MVC is the most preferable software architecture for CakePHP including three components that are Controller, View and Model respectively. These three components are responsible for offering a logical separation between code and the user.

HDI Solution CakePHP Development team is capable of creating an enduring and appropriate system for the implementation of various benefits of CakePHP. While planning for the development of a CakePHP website module, it is required to establish the protocol that precisely distribute related tasks among various experts’ developers in order to offer them in a tandem working environment. This makes utilization of benefits that are easily manageable for the CakePHP development framework.

We know how to apply the high-end functionality of CakePHP's web development environment. While developing a CakePHP website we implement the optimized techniques and keep it close to our predefined standards and well-appointed roadmap of CakePHP web development.Cake PHP Development framework presented by our experts are incorporated with scaffolding features in order to make a rapid cake PHP application development.

Some basic features of CakePHP that our HDI Solution development team deal with are as follow:

  • Quick Building
  • Easy and Rapid installation
  • Powerhouse in an enabled mode
  • Providing appropriate security
  • Cleaning present convention for data identification
  • Availability of valid Licence with ease

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